Sloughi - Deerhound - Dobermann







In Memory of 'Braemar'


Kennel Club standard

Height: DOGS. - Minimum desirable height at withers =30inches (76cm). Weight about 100lb (45.5 kg).
Height: BITCHES - Minimum desirable height at withers 28 inches (71cm).Weight about 80lb (36.5 kg).


IF YOU WANT A DOG …. that is a wonderful family companion, quiet, gentle, with a definite sense of humour, is large and friendly (to the point that he can and will occasionally flatten not only you but your guests as well), is trustworthy and adoring with children, accepts other household pets, is reasonably tolerant with dogs in the park, treats strangers like long lost friends, Is not as expensive as you may think to feed, Is always ready for a walk, a dog that is strong in body and mind and needs to be a part of the family, can walk for miles, or enjoy a 20minute walk every day… A dog that truly “comes alive“ when walked on a blustery winter’s day, is awesome to watch as he covers the ground at a deceiving speed, is relatively easy to groom, happily complies with your every demand but in his own time, and once walked and fed is quite happy to lie asleep on his back with his feet up the wall! THEN THE DEERHOUND IS FOR YOU …..

IF YOU WANT A DOG..… That is instantly obedient, a dog that will not chase rabbits /hares/squirrels or other people’s cats (even if he lives happily with your six!).
If you are looking for a dog that will vigorously guard your home , is not selectively deaf off lead, does not like exercise, does not love to run, and is never stubborn.
If you want a dog that does not wilt if out all day in the scorching heat of the summer, and is quite happy not to walk at all when winter sets in without getting bored out of his mind ----then buy a ceramic version and put it on a shelf because …. THE DEERHOUND IS NOT FOR YOU



1 R.C.C
Has attained his Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Certificate








Best Puppy In  Show ,

Numerous  Best .N.S.C-
Many  Best  AV hound.




Julia with Braemar





1st minor puppy  dog -----  B.D.P.I.B

.----.multi  B.P.I.B.....

Group 4 puppy in show.....

1st Junior. .... 1 R.C.C.


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