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I was asked if I could take the Sloughi to represent the Hunting dogs of the Sahara, at The " Festival of Falconry". This was a two day event.

On arrival, we were supplied with an open fronted kennel, so that the public could see, interact, pet the dogs, and read all about this ancient breed ......

After lunch there was a Grand Parade of Falconers..... The music started and on went the Flag bearers of every Nation, followed by the falconers.who were all dressed in authentic national costume , with the respective Bird of Prey from each country gripping to their wrist , behind them walked the dogs that they hunted with. There were Golden Eagles, Peregrines, Gyr Falcons, Sakers, Hunting dogs of every kind.

There were horses decked in ornate silver  harnesses, Camels, Carriages filled with costumed people representing  the royal houses of England and Europe that hunted with the Falcon. All this mingled with  T.V. cameras and newspaper reporters  etc etc...Somewhere, walking  with the Sahara contingency, in the middle of this huge parade,  was US. Does the Sloughi  belong with Falcons? ---- Definitely!


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Royal Spanish Falconers






A young Goshawk

Grand Master & Teacher Abylkhak Turlybae

Abu Dhabi - Gyr Falcon - Saluki

Korea -  Goshawk United Arab Emirates - GYR Falcon - Saluki


Eagle  GYR Falcon

Turkmenistan - Saker - tazi

Denmark - Peregrine Hamed Al Ghanem of the Arabian Saluki Centre - Gyr Falcon

Seren & India withKyrgystan falconer

Kazakhstan - Golden Eagle Seren with Falconer of Kyrgyistan

Representing Morocco

  Representing Tunisia

Representatives of the United Arab Emirates - Gyr Falcon - Saluki

  Cawha or Chi?

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