Sloughi - Deerhound - Dobermann


SLOUGHI - The Arabian Sighthound






(Morocco / Algeria / Tunisia / Libya)

(Sighthound of the Amazigh)

PLEASE NOTE: The Sloughi standard is not owned by the KC OR FCI. It is kept and maintained in Morocco.

Kennel Club standard (2002)

Height: DOGS. - Desirable height = 66 - 72cms (26 - 28 ins).
Height: BITCHES - Height at withers 61-68cms (24 - 26 ins)

FCI Standard

Height: DOGS - 70cm (27.5 ins)

Height: BITCHES - 65cm (26ins)

AKC Standard

Height: DOGS - 26-29ins

Height: BITCHES - 24-27ins


SLOUGHI DESIGN & FLEXIBILITY. Select this link for photographs WITH VIDEO

COLOURS OF THE SLOUGHI. Select this link for photographs


'THE SLOUGH IN MOROCCO' ------(Select this LINK)

(both articles courtesy of Dr Yassine Jamali)

For an exceptional insight into this Feline/Canine's character please read the articles linked above.

Ancient medallion




(Click on this seal for further details of the Sloughi)





With a breed as old as the Sloughi almost everything known must be speculation, but twenty-first century DNA has lent a scientific hand. DNA testing has proved without a doubt that the Sloughi shares more of its DNA with the Afghan than the Saluki. Though the true origins of the Sloughi  are now lost in time, their ancestry goes back thousands of years. A four - five thousand year old seal (pictured above) that was dug up on an archealogical site in Mesopotamia carries the images of dogs that closely resemble the modern day Sloughi.

The seal/medallion above links to a 3 thousand year old Wall painting from the Egyptian Tombs, depicting a dog sitting under the pharaohs throne, and clearly shows a long legged ,long bodied,smooth coated, sand coloured hound that carried no feathering, Lop ears that are folded back in a relaxed state / and a clear black mask , recognisable even today .... SURELY a Sloughi ?



If you want to own a dog that is:

- Extremely sensitive to correction
- Affectionate to those he regards as his family
- More than capable of guarding you, your house, and your possessions
- Is biddable, clean, quiet and easy to groom
- Adores the 'comforts' of life and takes your breath away at the sheer beauty of watching him move effortlessly at top speed
Then the Sloughi is for you.

If you want to own a dog that:
Seren,India & Cairo- Will happily allow every stranger to touch him without backing off
- Will eagerly go for long walks in the rain.
- Will live contentedly on it's own in a kennel
- Will spin on a sixpence to get back to you when he has just spotted something in the distance to investigate
- Will forgive easily anyone who manhandles him
- Does not suffer from 'selective deafness'
- Does not hunt using sight, sound, scent & SPEED
- Never feels the need to run simply for the sheer joy of running
then this proud, primitive and elegant breed is definitely NOT for you


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