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The Sloughi is a breed of extreme antiquity whose beginnings may well have coincided with aboriginal tribes of ancient Barbary. and migrated from Sloughia in or around the seventh century…..and some believe that the Sloughi ran and coursed long before that, for his likeness can be detected on the Egyptian fragment of Heirokampolis from the pre-dynastic era of 6,000 B.C. They have travelled the lands of North Africa from Egypt to the Atlantic and from the Sahara to the Mediterranean.


The Kabyle tribe (an agricultural Berber people from a mountainous range in Algeria) held the breed in great esteem, calling him “El hor” (the noble) and giving him privileges not accorded to other dogs.

The Bedouins (A nomadic and camel breeding tribe) used the Sloughi as a guard for their herds, and coursing on the plains. ( The Mountain Sloughi; sometimes known as the Kabyle Sheepdog more compact, heavier in bone, and the Desert variety; more streamlined, incredibly fast, conformed for coursing Gazelle / Antelope / Jackal / and small Desert animals).

(Taken from - Illustrated guide to some rare and unusual dog breeds - J.F.Gordon)
[KABYLE SHEEPDOG? The Sloughi was once used with, and alongside the Aidi ,Chien de L'Atlas to guard the sheep, neither of these dogs are ' Herder's '....  ]


?The Stele above was discovered in Egypt dedicated to a dog whose name was Abuwtiyuw - a greyhound type - tchshsem/ (Tzm)

The translation of the Stele reads; ,,,,,, The dog was the guard of His Majesty, Abuwtiyuw was his name. His Majesty ordered that he be buried, that he be given a coffin from the royal treasury, fine linen in great quantity, incense. His Majesty gave perfumed ointment and (ordered) that a tomb be built for him by the gang of masons. His Majesty did this for him in order that he might be honored.””””””” {Inscription dated 5th -6th dynasty)

(Taken from G.Reisner 1936 The dog which was honoured by the King of Upper & Lower Egypt).

Photograph of mummified dog by J Bodsworth.


Egypt - Tomb Painting -




Excavated in Qurna , Western Thebes -18th Dynasty...(Ashmolian)





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